Hydraulic hammer – DFX


    The breakers of the DFX series, thanks to their power and efficiency and to the right relationship between weight and power are suitable for secondary demolition work, excavations in quarry, work in urban areas, galleries, pipelines and railway tunnels and, concerning the biggest models, demolitions in open pit mining.
    The FX series starts from the DFX-14 up to DFX-200 breaker; DFX-14 and DFX-17 have neither membrane, nor possibility of manual adjustment of the frequency of blows.

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    “A combination of punchingpower and innovation”

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    Technical specifications

    Technical specification
    TypeCarrier weight*Weight**Height***Chisel diameterFlowOil pressureMax back pressure
    DFX-1610-16 ton950 kg1940mm115 mm90-120 l/min165 bar25 bar
    DFX-2014-24 ton1250 kg2400 mm120 mm105-140 l/min170 bar25 bar
    DFX-2620-30 ton1700 kg2700 mm135 mm130-160 l/min180 bar25 bar
    DFX-2822-30 ton1900 kg2800 mm140 mm150-185 l/min180 bar25 bar
    DFX-3223-35 ton2200 kg3000 mm150 mm165-190 l/min180 bar25 bar
    DFX-3628-45 ton2900 kg3300 mm160 mm180-240 l/min180 bar25 bar
    DFX-4030-47 ton3200 kg3400 mm160 mm200-260 l/min180 bar25 bar
    DFX-4735-50 ton3700 kg3500 mm175 mm250-300 l/min180 bar25 bar
    DFX-5837-57 ton4400 kg3800 mm180 mm270-320 l/min190 bar25 bar
    DFX-7040-70 ton4850 kg4000 mm195 mm290-350 l/min195 bar25 bar
    DFX-8045-80 ton5800 kg4200 mm200 mm300-380 l/min200 bar25 bar
    DFX-12060-110 ton7800 kg4500 mm215 mm380-440 l/min215 bar25 bar
    DFX-15080-170 ton12000 kg5200 mm255 mm480-570 l/min255 bar25 bar
    DFX-200100-200 ton14500 kg5500 mm280 mm500-600 l/min280 bar25 bar

    * Depending on capacity of carrier
    ** Weight excluding bracket
    *** With standard tool

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