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    The Demarec hammers of the DSB series are suitable for carriers, mini excavators, mini-blades, backhoe loaders, demolition robots. etc.. The breakers of the DSB series, thanks to their power and efficiency and to the right relationship between weight and power are suitable for primary and secondary demolition work, in urban areas and f.e. galleries. The DSB series are “MonoBloc-Hammers”, a very simple design, less parts and easy to service.

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    “A combination of punchingpower and innovation”

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    Technical specifications

    Technical specifications
    Type Carrier Weight* Weight** Height*** Chisel diameter Flow Oil pressure Max back pressure
    DSB-1 0,5-2,5 ton 70 kg 900 mm 40 mm 13-20 l/min 100 bar 25 bar
    DSB-2 1,2-3,5 ton 100 kg 1000 mm 45 mm 15-30 l/min 110 bar 25 bar
    DSB-3 1,5-4,5 ton 145 kg 1100 mm 48 mm 18-40 l/min 110 bar 25 bar
    DSB-4 2,5-6,5 ton 190 kg 1200 mm 55 mm 25-55 l/min 130 bar 25 bar
    DBS-6 3,0-8,0 ton 250 kg 1250 mm 65 mm 30-60 l/min 140 bar 25 bar
    DSB-8 4,5-9,0 ton 320 kg 1550 mm 75 mm 50-70 l/min 160 bar 25 bar
    DSB-10 6,0-11 ton 430 kg 1650 mm 80 mm 75-90 l/min 150 bar 25 bar
    DSB-12 8,0-11 ton 540 kg 1700 mm 90 mm 85-110 l/min 150 bar 25 bar

    *Depending of capacity of carrier
    **Weigth excluding bracket
    *** With standard tool
    Subject to change without notice.

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